Industrial Air Monitoring

Focusing On Potential Hazards in the Workplace With Industrial Air Monitoring

Should you be concerned about the air quality in your workplace?  Have you ever had industrial air monitoring done to see just how clean the air is?  

If you are interested in industrial air monitoring, the first step is to conduct a basic characterization, considering the materials in use, manufacturing processes and location of personnel.  Safety data sheets (SDSs) and job hazard analyses (JHAs) are useful during the basic characterization phase.  If potential hazards are identified, a sampling strategy can be designed to measure the airborne concentrations of contaminants.  The air concentrations found are then compared to allowable exposure limits.  

Evaluating worker exposures to chemicals through personal and/or area air monitoring will establish whether control measures are necessary, or if existing controls are adequate.  Industrial air monitoring is necessary to properly select respiratory protection for overexposed workers.  Investigating these issues early and detecting them before they lead to illnesses can help keep your workers, their families, and the entire community healthier.