Industrial Hygienist

    The Role of an Industrial Hygienist and How They Can Help Your Company


    Do you have a good sense of exactly what an industrial hygienist does? Industrial hygiene is an extremely important topic these days and for good reason. Now, more than ever, we are well aware of the hazards that exist in the workplace. Industrial hygiene is all about uncovering these hazards, raising awareness of them, and taking action to try and minimize the risk exposure so many deals with daily.


    The goal of an industrial hygienist in Cabot, AR and anywhere for that matter is simple. The goal is to keep workers, as well as their families and communities, as safe as possible. They also ensure that all laws set forth at the federal, state, and local levels are followed to the letter. Taking this combination of work into account, you can easily see why there is great value in the role of an industrial hygienist at any company.