VPP Audit

    Establishing and Taking Part in an OSHA VPP Audit


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) allows for Cabot, AR companies to take part in what is known as the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) It is an OSHA initiative which is intended for piracy industrial, as well as federal agencies, to work to make the workplace that much safer. The whole premise when it comes to a VPP audit is to check just how safe a workplace you have and if there are any areas where improvements could be made.


    The VPP audit is going to be geared towards the prevention of injuries at work, in the workplace. It is also designed with the intent of trying to prevent illnesses as well, through the control and elimination of hazards. Analyzing the worksites, getting managers and workers to cooperate, is what it is all about. The initiative is and continues to be a big win for OSHA as they pave the way for a safer workplace in the future.